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White Noise Machine, Conor High Fidelity Sound Machine for Sleeping, Baby, Office Privacy - with 24 Unique Fan & White Noise Sounds, Sleep Timer, 2 USB Charge Port

White Noise Machine, Conor High Fidelity Sound Machine for Sleeping, Baby, Office Privacy - with 24 Unique Fan & White Noise Sounds, Sleep Timer, 2 USB Charge Port

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Brand: Conor

Color: White


  • [HIGH FIDELITY & 24 SOOTHING SOUNDS] This noise machine features is an ultra-large, high-quality speaker to ensure that the fan machine gives you an immersive feel and falls asleep quickly. Provides 12 fan noises and 12 ambient noise variations including Fan Sound, white noise, pink noise and brown noise. Infants are overwhelmed by new faces, new places and more stimuli every day. White noise can reduce your baby's stress and help your baby fall asleep better.
  • [PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL]: Press volume control button on this white noise machine to adjust sound volume to your desired level for a personalized sound environment. Volume control low enough is convenient for you to take a deep nap in office after lunch without disturbing others. Volume control large enough can create a masking effect,blocking out the sudden changes in noise. For example: the snoring,or the dog barking,or a truck rumbling down the street.
  • LARGE SPEAKER: Sound soft and full. High - fidelity, long lasting and stable output for sounds. About: 245g (speaker) / 400g (product) = 61.25%.
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: With 2 USB charge ports and power source support AC or USB. Portable for home and travel. Set the perfect level for your environment anytime, anywhere.
  • TIMER AND VOLUME CONTROL: Offer 15, 30, 60mins, even all night runs. Choose a perfect sound and time setting based on the environment and sleep habits.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Release Date: 17-04-2019

model number: CN-35

Part Number: CN-35

Details: Why you need a travel white noise machine ? In real life, various types of sound interference sources are different: crowded streets, noisy music, thrilling electric drills, loud lawn mowers, keyboard click, dog bark... they are always ubiquitous, disturbing and tense. For sound-sensitive persons, if there is frequent sound interference in the environment, it will remain in a state where it is difficult to fall asleep and hard to work. For a long time, it will lead to negative emotions such as insomnia, anxiety and irritability. Need for a sound masking mechanism to meet the needs of various types of sound-sensitive persons. Why people option the Conor white noise machine Conor noise machine is a high-fidelity sound shielding device that provides 24 options sounds for masking a variety of disturbing sounds and broken sounds for baby, kids, insomniac pregnant woman, office worker,etc. In a sleep environment, help sound-sensitive persons quickly enter sleep and avoid the dilemma of entering insomnia. For work, Improved focus and efficiency. For Sleep, Rest, and Relaxation Conor white noise machine ensures a stable output of sound through a large speaker. The steady relaxing fan sound, white noise, pink or brown noise can help you get to sleep more quickly. And more sound options are available for you. For Work, Study, Privacy and office use Conor sound machine can help you mask those distracting conversations or other sounds while studying and working. Improved focus and work efficiency. Muffle outside noise while reducing others from eavesdropping on conversations. For Your Baby Babies are accustomed to sleeping with a lot of consistent, fairly loud noise around them. Conor White noise helps babies reduce stress from being overstimulated from the world around them. White noise also helps babies to feel secure, relax into a deep sleep and helps keep babies sleeping.

EAN: 0611387969295

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches

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